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Illuminated by the beautiful lights of Moscow at night, a crew of international skateboarders explored the skateable architecture in the Russian mother city. Pushing from dawn til dusk, the plight of bad weather only helped to capture some stunning clips; the street lights magnifying the allure of the urban landscape at night.

Chile’s skateboarding pioneer Stavros Razis was in town to participate in the World Cup, with fellow Monster Energy teammates: Argentinian star Dario Mattarollo, South African hero Khule Ngubane and local Russian prodigy Egor Kaldikov. The weekend ended up with a bronze medal for Dario, but the most fun started when they broke out onto the city streets.

Filmmaker Marco Savino and the team spent the next week exploring Moscow’s streets and sights in search of the unfamiliar territory and the most remarkable skate spots: “As a filmmaker, Moscow is a perfect scenery to work. Every street and building have their own charm, colors, and shapes. The whole city is full of perfect spots mixed in a beautiful architecture and huge monuments.”

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