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Welcome to the jungle – go skate along the Amazon!

The sun sets along the Amazon river as Barney Page, Mason Silva, Korahn Gayle, Clint Walker, filmmaker Marcos De Souza and myself kickback in our freshly-hung hammocks watching Manaus fade into the horizon. We are about an hour into our journey when we realise that it’s another twenty-eight hours until we reach the next city.

There are two ways to float the Amazon: upstream, going east to west which adds a significant amount of time to the journey, or the ‘faster’ route, west to east.

We chose the latter and assembled ourselves in the heart of the Amazon, Manaus. The capital and biggest city of the Brazilian state of Amazonas, Manaus, is a sprawling juxtaposition of jungle meeting city. With a population of two million people, it proved to be a great starting point – with plenty of spots.

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