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Audi Nines

In the nine years of their existence, the Nine Knights events were marked by continuous evolution. In 2018 the event series embarking upon its biggest evolution yet: The Audi Nines.

Its one of best weeks of the season, they really listen to the riders what to build and progress the sport as much as possible. That’s why they build features that don’t see every else. // Sebbe De Buck

The Audi Nines continues to celebrate sports and the athletes who write history through their dedication, talent, and passion. The concept combines the best elements of both disciplines: speed and creativity. Some of the best riders of these disciplines designed the track and jumps together in an exclusive workshop.

Do an event like this is a crazy experiment and a big challenge. I’ve been doing this event for 10 years. And we want to do something really special. The course we have this year is probably the craziest course ever built anywhere on the planet. // Nico Zacek

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